Another mark in the midst of a busy schedule

Well, I submitted my third assignment for Senior Theology and got it back with a lower mark than the previous two but still a good return for my efforts. My lower mark was due to missing one small detail in the instructions, I forgot to speak of the effects of neo-orthodoxy on todays church. Summed it up pretty good but forgot to say how it is still around today.

Been a very busy week, Brandy’s been away since last Monday, I go get her tomorrow. The kids are all alive and well, and the house is still standing, got a few things done, but still not all I hoped to get done. I got the Christmas Tree up, but haven’t decorated it yet, got stuff to fix my bathroom tub that has a slight leak but haven’t gotten it fixed yet, just to name some of the items left to do. I also have to get the next paper done for Senior Theology and complete reading my book for the next project for Senior Practicum.

Anyway, just a quick update, by the way, my mark was 84%. Not bad but hoping for in the 90’s on the next one.

Have a great day and thanks for coming along on my journey.



About completingmydegree

I am married to the love of my life. We have 3 children ages 6, 8 and 9. I pastor a couple of Baptist churches, casually drive school bus, and have just signed up to complete my degree of Theology.
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